An Invitation

The Feast of All Saints – Remembrance of those who have died

The Feast of all Saints is November 01. This day recognizes all who have gone before us on the journey through life and death to the Eternal Life in God. Our faith tells us this is the final destination towards which we all journey.

If you have lost someone dear to you – family member or friend in the last 12 months, the pain of missing them is still fresh. Your memories may still be difficult.

We wish to remember with you, in faith, those you love who have died. We will remember that this year when we say “All Saints”, they are included in that vast number with God. They are numbered among those who live with God and who prepare a place for us in eternity.

On Sunday November 04 at 10 AM at All Saints Church, Bayswater (4122 Highway #329), a candle will be lit for each person named to celebrate that they too are now one with all the Saints. Your loved one will be remembered along with the loved ones of other members of our parish community who have died in the last 12 months.

This is an invitation for you to join us in remembrance on that morning. If you wish to light a candle for someone close to you who has died in the last 12 months please give the information to Rev. Louis (by email or in writing would be best). If you cannot be at the service, but still wish to have a candle lit remembering them, please pass on the information and we will be happy to remember them on that day.

Sincerely yours in the Risen Christ, our hope of Eternal Life,

Rev. Louis Quennelle, Rector, Parish of Blandford