This Sunday in the Parish of Blandford

        All Saints – 10 AM, August 04

The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

Coming Events in and around the Parish of Blandford

Bible Study & Reflection: Bible Study at 5480 Hwy 329, (home of Anne and Brian Stott) Wednesday, July 31. Next Sunday’s readings: ISAIAH 1:1, 10-20; PSALM 50:1-8, 23-24; HEBREWS 11:1-3, 8-16; LUKE 12:32-40.

Home Visits: If anyone would like a visit or communion at home from Rev. Louis OR if you know anyone who may wish to receive a visit or communion, please contact him in person, by e-mail or phone. Rev. Louis will be working from home this week. Please call or email for any pastoral needs.

Community Roots Day Camp: Summer camp for kids from ages 6 -12, August 19-23. The camp will be led by a team under the direction of Allie Colp (Youth & Family Ministry Coordinator, Diocese NSPEI). Please keep the children registered for our camp, the camp leaders and volunteers in your prayers.

Annual Turkey Supper: September 21 at the Blandford Community Centre, 4:30 – 6 pm. (Take out available from 5:00pm.) Adults: $13.00, Children (5-12) $7.00, Children under 5 free. Saint Barnabas Benefit, Parish of Blandford.

Special Parish General Meeting: September 22nd after 10am Holy Eucharist at Ocean Swells Community Center. We will discuss considerations for our future as ONE parish. Please prepare for the meeting by reading and reflecting on the document prepared by the Rector and Wardens, approved by Parish Council & distributed in June. Copies are available on request from Rev. Louis or your parish wardens.

VITAL CHURCH MARITIMES 2019 Conference : Nov. 21 to Nov. 23 in Truro. REGISTRATION IS OPEN! EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT RATES! (for both the conference and the hotel). Funding support is available! This is an inspiring three-day conference for lay people and clergy. Keynote speaker: The Rev. Canon Dr. Duke Vipperman, from Fergus, Ontario, an Anglican priest, missional coach, pioneer minister and consultant for church turnarounds. Conference fees include all meals, materials and dynamic break-out session speakers.  Check out all the details on line at: Got questions? Contact: or call 902-420-0717, ext 1169.


Rogation Sunday – 2019

Rogation Sunday

Every year many of us put our hands into the earth and praise the God of our Creation by tilling and growing for pleasure and for nourishment – or both! Please join us on May 19th  as we celebrate the garden and all growing things – we celebrate by bringing our own seeds, plants, and tools to ask for God’s blessing on them as they grow and help us to make things grow. We also bring seeds and plants to share – blessing each other with the gift of growing things!

Rogation Sunday: Sunday, May 19 at 10 AM. We ask for God’s blessing on our new year of gardening – our Seeds, Plants & Soil. Please bring any seeds, plants, soil, or gardening tools and we will pray together that God may bless them in the coming seasons.

2019 Schedule for Holy Week

Palm Sunday – The Passion Holy Eucharist

Saint Barnabas

10 am April 14

Maundy Thursday – Washing of the Feet – Holy Eucharist

Saint Cuthbert/Ocean Swells

7 pm April 18

Good Friday – Service of the Passion

All Saints

10 am April 19

Holy Saturday – Great Vigil of Easter – Holy Eucharist

Saint Barnabas

7 pm April 20

Easter Sunday – The Resurrection – Holy Eucharist

All Saints

10 am April 21

Annual General Meeting – Change of Service Schedule

Please Note the change in our Sunday Schedule: Our Regular Sunday Service (10am) will now be at Saint Barnabas on February 03.  On Sunday February 10 we will meet at Ocean Swells for Holy Eucharist at 10am followed by Parish Potluck  lunch and our Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of the Parish of Blandford:

February 10, 2019 – Ocean Swells Community Center, Northwest Cove

Reports: Please submit reports no later than January 31, 2019 to Susanna Johnstone or Rev. Louis.

Parish Council: A number of positions are or will become vacant at the end of this term (February 28) The following three positions will need to be filled by new people offering.

  • Warden – Saint Barnabas
  • Treasurer
  • Parish Secretary

Christmas Greetings

A Christmas Message 2018

Have you ever been in a situation where there was no room at the inn? Maybe you began the year as the new kid in a new school. All friendships had already been set for years – there was no room for you. Maybe you started a new job and the office lottery group didn’t want any more partners. Maybe you or your ancestors arrived in a new country. You had no choice but to leave your home because it had become unsafe and unlivable. Maybe there were some who said there was no room for you in the community that you came to live.

Many of us have been in situations – small or serious, like Mary and Joseph where it seemed like there was no room for us. We are most aware of this feeling of exclusion or rejection when our need is immediate! When a woman is having a baby – she needs a place to have it RIGHT NOW!

There may be some of you who feel as though there is no room at the place where you really want to be this Christmas. All of us need a place to be welcomed, to be taken in – to be warm, safe, and loved.

We hope that the Church in our community of worship provides a place where there will be room, where you will be welcome and safe. This is what Christians are (or at least should be) all about! There may be times when the Church, like the inn in the Christmas story, may not seem to have room for all. For these times we ask forgiveness. We pray that you will know with assurance that even if we, the followers of Jesus, do not always make room for you, the God who sent the child of Bethlehem to us, will never fail to welcome you!

We pray. May the Parish of Blandford always be a place of welcome and refuge to you. May this Parish always be a place where there is room for anyone and everyone! May this be the place which provides the space and security for your faith to be born, nurtured, and grown. God is found in the most surprising places. May you find and know God today.

A special thanks … goes out to all members of our parish who have helped in the preparation for our Christmas celebrations!

Louis +

2018 Christmas Service Schedule

Services During the Christmas Season

December 23: Advent IV – Holy Eucharist 10AM Saint Cuthbert

December 24:   Christmas Eve                                                         Family Eucharist 4PM Saint Barnabas                                    Sung Eucharist 8PM All Saints

December 30: Service of Christmas Lessons & Carols           10AM Saint Barnabas

January 06: Epiphany of the Lord – Holy Eucharist                     10 AM All Saints

An Invitation

The Feast of All Saints – Remembrance of those who have died

The Feast of all Saints is November 01. This day recognizes all who have gone before us on the journey through life and death to the Eternal Life in God. Our faith tells us this is the final destination towards which we all journey.

If you have lost someone dear to you – family member or friend in the last 12 months, the pain of missing them is still fresh. Your memories may still be difficult.

We wish to remember with you, in faith, those you love who have died. We will remember that this year when we say “All Saints”, they are included in that vast number with God. They are numbered among those who live with God and who prepare a place for us in eternity.

On Sunday November 04 at 10 AM at All Saints Church, Bayswater (4122 Highway #329), a candle will be lit for each person named to celebrate that they too are now one with all the Saints. Your loved one will be remembered along with the loved ones of other members of our parish community who have died in the last 12 months.

This is an invitation for you to join us in remembrance on that morning. If you wish to light a candle for someone close to you who has died in the last 12 months please give the information to Rev. Louis (by email or in writing would be best). If you cannot be at the service, but still wish to have a candle lit remembering them, please pass on the information and we will be happy to remember them on that day.

Sincerely yours in the Risen Christ, our hope of Eternal Life,

Rev. Louis Quennelle, Rector, Parish of Blandford

Swissair 111 Memorial – 20th Anniversary

Memorial for the 20th  Anniversary of Swissair 111

Sunday, September 02 at 3pm, Bayswater Memorial Site.  Reception to follow at the Blandford Community Centre.  The theme will centre around REMEMBERING those who died, RECOGNIZING those who worked in the aftermath, and RESPECTING the memory of of the dead by living more fully and appreciating each day, and each person, as an irreplaceable gift.

This  is event which has marked many people both inside and outside our communities.  We invite everyone to attend and participate.

PWRDF – Gaza Crisis

Gaza Crisis Response

The Al Ahli Arab Hospital (AAH) in Gaza City has sent an urgent call for help, as the death toll in Gaza continues to rise. On May 14 alone, more than 2,700 citizens were injured and 58 killed. The situation is critical at all area hospitals.
The AAH is implementing an emergency response that includes a wing with additional beds and staff to treat the injured. The immediate needs include medical supplies, medicines, fuel for generators and support for those working non-stop to treat the wounded and traumatized.

AAH is a humanitarian institution in the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. Its mandate embraces a rights-based approach to treatment and provides health care without discrimination on the basis of faith, gender, social class or political affiliation.

Please support PWRDF’s response to the Gaza Crisis!

Donations can be made in the following ways:

Online Go to  under “Emergency Response” specify “Gaza”

By Phone , For credit card donations contact: Jennifer Brown at 416-924-9192 ext. 355; 1-866-308-7973
Please do not send your credit card number by email or fax.

By Mail
Please make cheques payable to
Gaza Crisis Response and send to:

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund
The Anglican Church of Canada
80 Hayden Street
Toronto, Ontario  M4Y 3G2

PWRDF Humanitarian Response Coordinator
Naba Gurung
416-924-9192 ext. 321

Anglicans in Canada are praying, acting and giving to those affected by the Gaza crisis.

Please watch for updates on PWRDF’s response to the situation at


Our Lenten Offering – Update

Our Lenten Offering Presented & Received

This year during Lent we hope to raise funds to help repair places of worship in the Anglican (Episcopal) Diocese of Cuernavaca Mexico. (Our contact person in Mexico – Rev. Gillian Ball)

In the summer of 2017 an earthquake, not far from Mexico City, caused over 200 deaths and much damage. In many rural areas the government of Mexico struggled to help people who were injured, whose homes were destroyed and who had lost infrastructure necessary for electricity and water. Our own PWRDF was able to meet some of the immediate needs, working with partners in the the most devastated area of Oaxaca.

The Diocese of Cuernavaca, although outside the hardest hit area, sustained substantial damage in six of it’s 22 churches. These church communities are smaller than our own parish. PWRDF is unable to support church repairs and the Government of Mexico has no money to help.

The Mexican Episcopal Church symbolically began with Mexico’s war for independence in 1810. Religious reform in 1857 secured freedom of religion, separating the Roman Catholic Church from government and politics. In 1860, the newly formed Church of Jesus contacted the Episcopal Church in the United States, seeking leadership, guidance, and support. In 1958, the fourth missionary Bishop of Mexico was the first of the Church’s Bishops to be consecrated on Mexican soil. The Church became an autonomous Province of the Anglican Communion in 1995.

(The Diocese of Cuernavaca is partly North and mostly West of Mexico City. Its bishop is The Rt Revd Enrique Treviño Cruz)

Reverend Gillian Ball joined with us to celebrate Holy Eucharist on Sunday, April 29.  At that time our contribution to the Earthquake relief for the repair of the damaged churches in the Diocese of Cuernavaca was presented to her by one of our wardens, Lorna Mckay. We received Thanks and Blessings for our efforts from Bishop Enrique Trevino Cruz on behalf of the people of the diocese through Rev. Gillian.

Click here for a picture of the presentation …