Earth Week: Planting Night in the Parish of Blandford

Planting Night: This week: Friday April 20, 6:30 pm at the Blandford Community Centre.

Come out to join us to learn about …


… our World by Greening our Communities!
Come our to make plant pots, re-purpose plastics and sow seeds for Earth Week!
Come out to have fun, get your hands dirty, get your faces smiling and make your world happy!

    Welcome to All!

An Easter Blessing

An Easter Message

Do not be alarmed; you are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has been raised; he is not here. MARK 16:6

We live in an alarming world. Events and actions of world leaders have brought the nuclear clock to its closet point to midnight – ever! Our mild winter has had so many storms and so much wind. There is unprecedented drought in many parts of the world (including our Canadian West). Island nations in the South Pacific and many coastal communities are concerned with sea level rise.

The followers of Jesus, too, were alarmed. The man that they had thought would bring about their liberation and the reign of God to the world was gone: crucified and dead. And now the tomb is empty – his body is gone. The three women who went to attend to the broken body of Jesus are told not to be alarmed.

The Risen Jesus is not to be found in the open tomb. Where we do find Jesus is in the gathering of his followers, where the message he preached is spoken and the work he did is still being done. For the followers of Jesus 2000 years ago and for his followers today, the world is an alarming place. It is also a place where there is hope because we know Jesus is risen. As long as there are people of good will who do the work of good and of God throughout the world, there is hope. This is the eternal hope of salvation that the short ending of Mark’s Gospel speaks of: And afterwards Jesus himself sent out through them, from east to west, the sacred and imperishable proclamation of eternal salvation.

In an alarming world, may your lives be lives surrounded by hope as you gather with those you love and those who love you. May you find faith to believe in God and in Humanity, God’s creation. May you find faith in the Son who shows us the way. Finally may the new life of spring be for you ‘a sacred and imperishable proclamation of eternal salvation.’


Holy Week Schedule

Parish of Blandford

Holy Week Schedule


Palm Sunday – The Passion = Holy Eucharist
Saint Cuthbert
10 am March 25

Parish Cafe – Our Lenten Offering for  the Diocese of Cuernavaca, Mexico

Ocean Swells
after service
Maundy Thursday – Washing of the Feet – Holy Eucharist
Saint Barnabas
7 pm March 29
Good Friday – Service of the Passion
All Saints
10 am March 30
Holy Saturday – Great Vigil of Easter        Holy Eucharist
Saint Cuthbert
7 pm March 31
Easter Sunday – The Resurrection              Holy Eucharist
Saint Barnabas
10 am April 01

Lent 2018

Parish of Blandford

Weekday Bible Studies during Lent are moved to the Rectory, 4821 Highway 329 at 7 pm.


This year we will explore 5 different themes we find in the Bible using selections from the Sunday Scripture readings, short videos, reflections and fun exercises to check out what we know about the themes. We will also explore to see if these themes have anything to do with our lives today.

Week 1 – February 21 Covenant

Week 2 – February 28 Laws

Week 3 – March 07 Atonement

Week 4 – March 14 Justice

Week 5 – March 21 Agape/Love

Each session stands alone, however, there is a progression as we move towards Easter.

Special General Congregational Meeting of Saint Barnabas Church

Notification of Special Congregational Meeting

Saint Barnabas Church

Concerning a bequest from the Estate of the late Granville Gates:

Saint Barnabas Church is named as a principal beneficiary of the Granville Gates trust.

We have received a request from the administrator of the trust to wind up the trust early. This requires the approval of all the beneficiaries of the trust, including Saint Barnabas Church.

Notice is given today, August 20, 2017, to the congregation of Saint Barnabas church of a special meeting of the congregation to be held:

September 03, 2017 at Saint Barnabas Church after Sunday morning service (11 am).

We will be discussing and voting on the administrator’s proposal. Details regarding the trust and the proposal to wind it up early will be available at the meeting.

This is an important meeting with financial implications for Saint Barnabas and the Parish of Blandford. We pray that as many members of the congregation as possible will be able to attend and participate in this decision.

Lorna McKay, Warden – Saint Barnabas,

Malcolm Boutilier, Warden – All Saints, Ken Miller, Warden – Saint Cuthbert

The Parish of Blandford Celebrates 150 Years of Faith and Worship at Saint Barnabas

Parish & Community Cookbook commemorating Saint Barnabas’ 150th Anniversary: last day for submissions to Claudia Zinck – April 21.

History of Saint Barnabas: The Saint Barnabas Guild is preparing a short updated history of the Church. If you have any photos, stories or documents which might help us tell our story, please contact Beverley McDonald at 902-228-2603 or contact us by email.

Evensong (Book of Common Prayer): Our first parish event celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Saint Barnabas Church. Sunday, May 7, 3 PM at Saint Barnabas. Music will be led by the Chancel Choir of Saint John’s, Lunenburg. A reception will be held afterward in the Multi-purpose Room, Blandford Community Centre. The service at 10 AM will be canceled on that day.

Saint Barnabas Guild Supper: Saturday June 03, Blandford Community Centre. Details to follow.

Feast of Saint Barnabas, Holy Eucharist of Thanksgiving for 150 Years – Saint Barnabas Church: Sunday June 11, 3 PM. Pot Luck Supper to follow at Blandford Community Centre. Please invite friends, family and former members of the community and parish. The service at 10 AM will be canceled on that day.