Christmas Greetings

A Christmas Message 2018

Have you ever been in a situation where there was no room at the inn? Maybe you began the year as the new kid in a new school. All friendships had already been set for years – there was no room for you. Maybe you started a new job and the office lottery group didn’t want any more partners. Maybe you or your ancestors arrived in a new country. You had no choice but to leave your home because it had become unsafe and unlivable. Maybe there were some who said there was no room for you in the community that you came to live.

Many of us have been in situations – small or serious, like Mary and Joseph where it seemed like there was no room for us. We are most aware of this feeling of exclusion or rejection when our need is immediate! When a woman is having a baby – she needs a place to have it RIGHT NOW!

There may be some of you who feel as though there is no room at the place where you really want to be this Christmas. All of us need a place to be welcomed, to be taken in – to be warm, safe, and loved.

We hope that the Church in our community of worship provides a place where there will be room, where you will be welcome and safe. This is what Christians are (or at least should be) all about! There may be times when the Church, like the inn in the Christmas story, may not seem to have room for all. For these times we ask forgiveness. We pray that you will know with assurance that even if we, the followers of Jesus, do not always make room for you, the God who sent the child of Bethlehem to us, will never fail to welcome you!

We pray. May the Parish of Blandford always be a place of welcome and refuge to you. May this Parish always be a place where there is room for anyone and everyone! May this be the place which provides the space and security for your faith to be born, nurtured, and grown. God is found in the most surprising places. May you find and know God today.

A special thanks … goes out to all members of our parish who have helped in the preparation for our Christmas celebrations!

Louis +