Our Lenten Offering – Update

Our Lenten Offering Presented & Received

This year during Lent we hope to raise funds to help repair places of worship in the Anglican (Episcopal) Diocese of Cuernavaca Mexico. (Our contact person in Mexico – Rev. Gillian Ball)

In the summer of 2017 an earthquake, not far from Mexico City, caused over 200 deaths and much damage. In many rural areas the government of Mexico struggled to help people who were injured, whose homes were destroyed and who had lost infrastructure necessary for electricity and water. Our own PWRDF was able to meet some of the immediate needs, working with partners in the the most devastated area of Oaxaca.

The Diocese of Cuernavaca, although outside the hardest hit area, sustained substantial damage in six of it’s 22 churches. These church communities are smaller than our own parish. PWRDF is unable to support church repairs and the Government of Mexico has no money to help.

The Mexican Episcopal Church symbolically began with Mexico’s war for independence in 1810. Religious reform in 1857 secured freedom of religion, separating the Roman Catholic Church from government and politics. In 1860, the newly formed Church of Jesus contacted the Episcopal Church in the United States, seeking leadership, guidance, and support. In 1958, the fourth missionary Bishop of Mexico was the first of the Church’s Bishops to be consecrated on Mexican soil. The Church became an autonomous Province of the Anglican Communion in 1995.

(The Diocese of Cuernavaca is partly North and mostly West of Mexico City. Its bishop is The Rt Revd Enrique Treviño Cruz)

Reverend Gillian Ball joined with us to celebrate Holy Eucharist on Sunday, April 29.  At that time our contribution to the Earthquake relief for the repair of the damaged churches in the Diocese of Cuernavaca was presented to her by one of our wardens, Lorna Mckay. We received Thanks and Blessings for our efforts from Bishop Enrique Trevino Cruz on behalf of the people of the diocese through Rev. Gillian.

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