Trinity Sunday Drive-In Service – Morning Prayer

Trinity Sunday Drive-In Service of Worship: Morning Prayer:

One of the ways that some communities of faith have found to gather to celebrate their faith and to worship is by holding drive-in services. (See this link for exemption from gathering in groups of 5 or less The rainy weather this weekend has caused us to postpone our planned drive in service. So we are planning to hold a drive-in Morning Prayer & Rogation Blessing for our gardens for the season on Trinity Sunday, June 07 at 11AM in the Saint Cuthbert parking lot. Greeters will be on hand to direct parking so that physical distancing is respected, vehicle safety is ensured and visibility of the service to all is prioritized.

The time of the service has been moved to 11 AM in order that the sun have a little more time to warm things up or burn off any wisps of fog. The audio equipment cannot be set outdoors in rain or damp weather, so we will be watching the weather forecast during the week. If the forecast is for rain, we will cancel on Thursday or Friday and let you know then. If the weather is not good just on that morning, an email will be sent and our service cancellation telephone tree will be activated.

Once we are fairly certain the weather will cooperate (Thursday or Friday), we will send an official invitation with the information you will need. In case of cancellation and for all who cannot participate in the drive-in, the service will be available as usual in print at the rectory, by email and on line on our website. Hope to see many of you next week… and if not then very soon!