Services Resume at All Saints

           Regular Sunday Services to Resume                                                  at                                                All Saints, Bayswater

Beginning Sunday February 28, we will meet for our common worship at All Saints, Bayswater  & Saint Barnabas, Blandford on an alternating 2 week rotation.

Services for the First 4 week period:

February 28  All Saints – 10am Morning Prayer                      March 07  All Saints – 10am Holy  Eucharist                         March 14 Saint Barnabas – 10am Morning Prayer         March 21 Saint Barnabas – 10am Holy Eucharist

Please check with the website occasionally for any changes in this schedule or watch for updates by email.  If/When  the Covid 19 restrictions change according to the pandemic situation, we will have to be adaptable.  Also, Physical Distancing regulations limits our capacity at All Saints to somewhere in the low 20s for participation at services.  At this time, our participation at in person Sunday services permits us to meet safely at All Saints, however once spring arrives  and/or more people are comfortable with in person worship we may have to reassess since we do not want to deny anyone access to services who wishes to participate.